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Project overview

We teamed up with Xeon Protocol to deliver end-to-end creative services, from a full rebrand and website design to high-impact pre-launch hype videos. With Xeon Protocol's openness to our vision and creative direction, this project was an exciting, highly collaborative journey from start to finish.

Xeon Protocol
Pre-launch video
Psssst.... turn your sound up 🔉

We crafted a cinematic, dark, and edgy video for Xeon Protocol. Our concept featured a character awakened by an alert, discovering his glowing, unplugged ledger. On connecting it, the Xeon website comes to life. Synthwave 80's music, inspired by 'Stranger Things,' set the perfect mood. This video set the stage for the official TGE and launch. exciting, highly collaborative journey from start to finish.

The website

We brainstormed extensively with Xeon Protocol, aligning on a futuristic aerospace-inspired style for their website. We crafted a series of 2D animated illustrations to enhance the aerospace theme, integrating user-triggered sequences and cursor-based animations to deliver an immersive experience for the viewer.

The dApp

We extended our aerospace theme to Xeon Protocol’s dApp and testnet, ensuring the final product was both intuitive and user-friendly. Throughout, we stayed true to the core brand elements and guidelines we had previously established.

The visual identity

Our goal in rebranding Xeon Protocol was to craft something impactful and bold that also captured their innovation and tech prowess. We combined soft lines for the logo mark with an edgy, modern typeface. Xeon chose a punchy colour palette set against a dark website theme. We then developed a complete visual identity and icon set to complement the brand.

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