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Project overview

VetMe approached us for a complete overhaul, from branding and website design to developing their dApp. Seeking our expertise, we guided them towards a professional, trustworthy, yet fun brand blending the trust of major commercial Neo banks with the vibrant pulse of the coolest crypto companies. This approach was crucial, ensuring that the trust and familiarity users have with these apps would seamlessly translate to their experience with VetMe’s website and dApp.

Minty clean & fresh 🍃 

For VetMe's website we went with a crisp light theme accented by pastel mints and pinks. Bold titles and CTAs make a statement, while isometric handcrafted animations and scroll-triggered transitions create a highly immersive experience.

Continuing the theme
for the VetMe dApp

Using our newly refined branding and styles, we seamlessly applied them to VetMe’s dApp, ensuring a cohesive look across all of VetMe’s services and offerings.

visual identity

Our goal for VetMe’s logo and branding was to keep it super clean but far from boring. We used a fresh colour palette, clean yet modern fonts, and crisp pastels to transform the brand into a confident, trustworthy powerhouse. Now, VetMe stands shoulder to shoulder with the best in the industry.

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