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Project overview

Reinventing OMNI’s brand to carve out a spot in the tech-social network scene, they wanted an adaptable, approachable mascot and a standout explainer video to make OMNI’s purpose crystal clear. We delivered just that, with a fresh, edgy twist.

The explainer video

We kicked things off with a storyboard to map out our vision, then dove into modelling, animation, SFX, and voice-over. The result? A slick, engaging video that nails OMNI's message.

Behind the scenes

A glimpse into our process for OMNI's explainer video: We storyboarded the vision, crafted precise 3D models, added dynamic animation, layered in immersive SFX, and voice-over.

OMNI’s Bold New Look

OMNI wanted their brand to be approachable, friendly, and bursting with vibrant energy. We selected a striking colour palette, blending matte tones with glassy surfaces for a visually captivating and emotive look. Ensuring this translated seamlessly across all mediums, we crafted visual messaging that shines on their socials. Here are some examples.

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