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Project overview

As part of a broader campaign with Recur Forever, we teamed up with Recur and Nickelodeon to pay tribute to our favourite Rugrat—Chuckie! We whipped up a fun animated short packed with easter eggs from the coolest Web3 projects and NFT collections. Think you can spot them all?

& storyboards

We kicked things off with mood boards, exploring different styles of Chuckie before landing on a matte Pixar look for our character. Check out these snippets from development to the final 3D Chuckie—fully rigged and ready to cause trouble.

Brining Chuckie
to life in 3D 🤓

Here are a few close-ups showcasing the details of our finished Chuckie character. We chose the matte Pixar style to perfectly capture the nostalgic essence of the Rugrats TV show and fit seamlessly into our scene.

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