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Project overview

When Goblintown burst onto the scene, we quickly recognised their game-changing vibe and foresaw their meteoric rise. We aimed to create something that captured the wild, community-driven spirit of Goblintown. With numerous social properties tapping into their expansive lore, we needed to ensure our creation engaged their entire community and partners. And we did just that.

We brought 'Urki'
to life in glorious 3D

We spent a lot of time immersing ourselves in everything Goblintown—lurking in their Twitter spaces, absorbing their brand’s tone of voice, and understanding what makes their community tick. 

When Goblintown launched their McGoblinburger story, the hype was real. Holders could mint their own McGoblinburgers, and everyone was buzzing. With social accounts role-playing as McGoblinburger staff, we knew what to do. We created 'Urki,' one of the staff, and dropped him into a hilarious counter scene with whacky sound design. The stage was set.

The final animation 🍔

Meet Urki, dishing out McGoblinburgers in all his chaotic glory. We also we hid a few TH3M Easter eggs throughout the scene for some extra fun.

Shortly after posting to Twitter and tagging the Goblintown crew, things blew up. Team members started retweeting and commenting, and the main account quote retweeted. Even the legendary Steve Aoki got involved, retweeting our post. The reaction was explosive; people were going absolutely crazy.

Steve Aoki
x Goblintown

Following the success of the McGoblinburger campaign, we were approached by legendary DJ and music producer Steve Aoki. After an initial discussion with Steve and his management, we decided to create a humorous Goblin video for Aoki's "Piss on the Dancefloor" single. This video was distributed as an NFT to attendees of the NFT NYC event.

Goblin Steve
& Character X

We crafted a 3D Goblin version of Steve Aoki and paired him with his very own Character X mascot from his 'Dreamcatcher' NFT collection. These characters would both feature on our video.

'P*ss on the dancefloor'
The final video 🎂

Steve Aoki, cake, Goblins, pee cannons. What more could anyone want!?

How it came together

Following the campaign's success, we received numerous inquiries about our creative process. So, we put together a 'making of' video, which you can see below.

Our metaverse ready Mcgoblinburger truck

After catching the attention of the Goblintown team, they reached out and commissioned us to create a 3D metaverse-ready Goblinburger truck. Check out the final result and some highlights from our creative process below.

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