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Project overview

Our objective was to design a brand and website for Common Wealth that shattered conventions and embodied their rebellious spirit for the 99%. Inspired by their taglines like "Welcome to wALL Street" and "Early stage VC access for the 99%," we crafted a street-smart, instantly recognisable identity that appeals to all investor demographics.

A brand for the 99%

Focusing on a premium yet bold and approachable aesthetic, we created a vibrant, street inspired theme that's smooth, dynamic, and modern. The result? A striking brand identity that’s edgy, relatable, and perfectly aligned with the ethos of financial empowerment, accessibility, and community-driven investment.

We dared to
be Different

By stepping outside traditional design confines, we delivered a brand that not only stands out but also resonates with the mission to democratise venture capital, making it accessible to everyone, not just the elite.

Bringing All Street
to Life in 3D

We brought our vision of All Street to life with an immersive 3D design. Imagine a hip café inspired by the vibrant, trendy streets of London. At the entrance, an "open to all" sign proudly hangs, reinforcing Common Wealth's commitment to inclusivity—not just for the 1%, but for everyone.

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