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Project overview

We teamed up with Wales national football team captain and Cardiff City midfielder Aaron Ramsey to create an NFT brand that bridges the gap between the community, fans, and players. Our focus was on personalised NFTs, giving fans the chance to own and cherish special moments. We decided "Capsule" was the perfect name, encapsulating these unique memories in one cool, digital keepsake.

The visual identity

Our goal with Capsule’s logo was to cleverly incorporate a capsule shape in the negative space. We planned to transform this logo into a 3D vessel, animated to open and reveal the moment inside. We also integrated a ‘C’ within the negative space for that extra touch.

The final animations

We created two samples to demonstrate the versatility of Capsule NFTs. By adopting the branding for the player, team, or brand, we ensure that every capsule minted is truly special and unique. This approach guarantees that each NFT captures the essence of its origin, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

Behind the scenes

Here's a look into our creative process for the brand, from initial sketches and early 3D renders to the final animations.

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