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Project overview

Our goal was to craft a show-stopping brand, mascot, and website for BATZ. Inspired by the Ethereal Ultrasound Money movement, BATZ aims to build on the success of the triple halving while honouring the promise of the best decentralized computer with permissionless, censorship-resistant compatibility.

Visual identity

The primary goal in designing the BATZ logo was to create a simple yet visually descriptive design that clearly conveyed a bat, sonar, and Ethereum elements. We skillfully combined these components to achieve just that!

Promotional & mascot

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Meet Wingz 🦇
the BATZ mascot

A key aspect of this project was creating a mascot for BATZ—a bat that balances cuteness and cheekiness. The bat also needed to incorporate the brand's logo. Meet WINGS, our playful winged mascot and the face of BATZ.

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