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Project overview

When it comes to iconic brands, it doesn’t get much bigger than Atari. We jumped at the chance to create a fun animated short, complete with SFX, for Atari’s Web3 venture, ‘AtariX’. Drawing inspiration from our favourite Atari game, 'Centipede', we crafted something truly nostalgic and exciting.

Mood board's
and sketches

We kicked off by diving into a treasure trove of visual references, from game covers to physical Atari consoles, bringing back that childhood nostalgia. With our inspiration set, we started sketching out ideas for the animation

Precision 3D Modelling:
Honouring Atari

With mood boards and sketches nailed down, we had a clear vision for our scene. Then came the meticulous task of modelling each item in painstaking detail, one by one, capturing the authentic wear and tear from countless hours of gaming.

The end result 👾

Here's the final result—click to dive into the video and experience the nostalgic audio goodness that will transport you back in time.