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Project overview

01X enlisted us to take the reins on their complete rebrand and web build. They envisioned something slick, futuristic, and clean, with an emphasis on geometric shapes and subtle glows to perfectly capture their brand ethos. Our mission: bring their vision to life with a design that’s both cutting-edge and seamlessly aligned with their identity.

The website

We worked closely with the founder throughout the process, ensuring a highly interactive and engaging journey. This partnership allowed us to deliver a final result that perfectly encapsulated the brief, positioning 01X as a market leader in their sector. Our combined efforts and shared vision brought a sleek, futuristic, and clean design to life, cementing their identity and elevating their brand to new heights.

The visual identity

In addition to the website design, we crafted a comprehensive visual identity for O1X and 01X Protocol. This included everything from logos and brand guidelines to bespoke icon packs, delivering a complete and cohesive end-to-end visual identity system.

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