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Our Clients

We work with the most innovative names in the Web3 space, pushing creative boundaries and helping them stand out.

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Design / Code / Digital / Web3 / 3D / Motion →

Unleash The

While many wander the same old digital alleyways, we're busy spray-painting new paths of innovation. 

We craft iconic, timeless brands and deliver highly immersive digital experiences.

Brand Strategy

Market Research / Messaging / Strategy / Naming Workshops

Brand Strategy is more than a blueprint—it's your brand's backbone. We dive deep into market nuances others overlook, turning discovery sessions into explorations of what makes your brand tick. We aim to craft messages that resonate and names that command attention. With our Brand Strategy, your brand won't just stand out; it'll dominate.

Branding & Identity

Logo Design / Visual Identity / Brand Guidelines / Brand Assets

Branding and Identity are essential for making a lasting impact. We’ve sharpened the look of industry giants and love crafting bold identities for ambitious startups. Our services include cutting-edge logo designs, compelling visual narratives, clear brand guidelines, and powerful assets. It’s about creating a memorable and impactful brand presence that stands out.

3D & Animation

Motion Design / 3D Modelling / Character Design / Promo videos / Viral content

3D & Animation is where we push the boundaries of digital creativity. From dynamic motion design to intricate 3D modeling, we craft immersive narratives. Our character designs go beyond sketches—they become legends. We've created visual stories for iconic brands like Steve Aoki, Under Armour, Goblintown, and Atari. Whether it's a memorable promotional video or viral content that electrifies, we amplify messages with precision. Step into our animation world, where every frame tells a story and every second captivates.

Websites & Applications

Design / Development / UI & UX / WebGL / Web3 Integration / Ecommerce

In the digital world, experience defines the journey. Our expertise lies at the intersection of UI/UX, making every interaction intuitive and memorable. We don't just code; we create immersive landscapes using the latest tech, including WebGL. As digital pioneers, we seamlessly integrate Web3, offering a glimpse into the future of the web. For digital commerce, our e-commerce builds are bustling marketplaces, not just platforms.

Web3 & NFT's

Crypto Wallets / dApps / De-Fi Platforms / Mint Websites / Staking / Games / Generative NFT's

We’ve been shaping the crypto world since 2016, long before it hit mainstream. Our deep integration with its culture and history sets us apart. Major players like Coinbase, Polygon, VeChain, and NEO sought us out for a reason. We thrive on fueling the ambitions of budding crypto startups. In the expansive crypto landscape, we’re not just participants; we lead the way. Our expertise includes creating robust crypto wallets, user-centric dApps, De-Fi platforms, and mint websites. We also innovate in staking solutions, Web3 game development, and the dynamic NFT space.

Marketing & PR

Fastvertising | Influencer Marketing | Paid Ads | Social Management | Email Marketing | SEO

We aim to captivate, not just catch eyes. Enter our Fastvertising ethos: swift, impactful, and unforgettable. We excel in Influencer Marketing, forging connections that resonate. Every cent in Paid Advertising is a carefully crafted symphony, ensuring maximum returns. Social Media is about curating authentic engagements, while our Email Marketing rolls out red carpet invites, compelling every click. In SEO, we play the long game, ensuring brands are not just found but remembered.

For viral content, we don't chase trends—we set them. With a keen eye for market gaps and a deep understanding of today's culture, our campaigns don't just trend—they erupt, leaving a lasting mark on the digital landscape. Step into our marketing maelstrom, where every strategy is bold and every campaign a statement.

Video & Production

Brand Videos | Script Writing | Event Filming | Documentaries | Short Films | Podcasts

We craft brand videos and scripts that make an impact. Event filming becomes cinematic art, documentaries explore deeply, and short films ignite imaginations. Our podcasts deliver pure audio excellence. Each frame and sound is designed to leave a lasting mark.


What our
clients say

"Partnering with TH3M transformed our brand. Their creativity, direction, and professionalism set us apart in the market. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to elevate their brand!  we also appreciate their fast response and turnaround times."

- Sachi Kamiya, Director of operations Sentient & Polygon Labs

"Working with TH3M feels akin to bringing on another team member. It's rare to find an external team that cares as deeply about the end result as we do. They communicate well, work efficiently, and produce world-class results. Couldn't recommend them more highly!"

- Jonathan Peacock (JP), Founder of PROOF

"TH3M's expertise in design and branding has truly made our brand timeless and unique. Their approach not only enhanced our visual identity but also aligned perfectly with our vision, setting VetMe Ltd. apart in a competitive market. I highly recommend their services for anyone aiming to create a distinct and impactful brand presence."

- Tomiwa Latunde, CEO, VetMe Ltd.

"TH3M are an exceptional agency, everything came together like magic."

- Wilson Davis, COO Paribus

"Partnering with TH3M has been a game-changer for our brand. Initially, I had my own ideas, but TH3M stepped in and brought their A-game to create stunning work for our branding, coming soon website, and main website. The process was collaborative and well-structured, making me feel involved from start to finish—a unique experience that delivered outstanding results. Thanks to TH3M, I'm now more confident about XEON's positioning after the rebranding. Their creativity, direction, and professionalism truly set us apart in the market. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to elevate their brand! We also appreciate their fast response and turnaround times."

- Byte Zero, Founder & CEO XEON Protocol

"The detail and accuracy of the work produced by TH3M delighted our customers, generating praise and excitement wherever they were seen."

- David Park, Head Of Design, The Royal Mint

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